How To Get Your Contractor’s License

How To Get Your Contractor’s License

Step 1:

Determine if You are Eligible

Each license requires a qualifying individual who directly supervises and controls the construction operations conducted under the license. This person must be at least 23 years old and have at least 4 years of journeyman level work experience in a specific classification (specialty work area) in the last 10 years. This also is the person who will take, and need to pass, the required exam(s) before a license can be issued. Contact us if you need help in determining your qualifications.

Step 2:

Complete the Application

There are different applications for different business types, each of which requires the submission of various information and documents. The Guru can help you determine which CSLB application you need. Contact us if you need help determining which application applies to you.

All applications require a Social Security number or an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN). Click here if you would like the Guru to prepare your application or click here if you would like the Guru to review your prepared application.

Step 3:

Submit the Application and Required Fees

The total CSLB fees submitted with the application are $530 (Application Filing fee & Initial License fee). If the Guru prepares or reviews your application, he can also submit your app by hand to the CSLB. We will keep a copy of the application and follow it throughout the process.

Step 4:

Fingerprinting Requirement after CSLB Review of your Application

Each new applicant must submit fingerprints as part of a mandatory criminal background check, for which there is a cost that varies depending on the Live Scan location. Click here to find a Live Scan location near you. CSLB will mail the necessary documents to you for fingerprinting once the application has been posted.

Step 5:

Scheduling of the Exam

The CSLB will schedule the test date, time, and location of your exam. If the date they assigned conflicts with your schedule, the Guru will advise you on how to change the test date. If you are applying for a waiver and it is approved, a test date will not be assigned to you. Contact us if you’d like to change your exam date.

Step 6:

Exam Preparation

The Guru offers the highest quality exam preparation materials available. Do you need an exam prep course for the A General Engineering, click here. The B General Building, click here. The B-2 Remodeling License, click here. Or are you applying for a Specialty (C) license, click here.

Step 7:


You will need to purchase a license bond prior to the issuance of the license number. The Guru offers low rates for 1-, 2-, or 3-year bonds. If you are applying for an LLC license, you will also need to purchase a $100k Worker/Employee bond. The Guru can provide you with a quote for that as well. Do you need a bond quote? Click here.

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