CSLB Work Experience and Certification Statement

CSLB Work Experience and Certification Statement

I’m surprised the CSLB is still holding on to this view of who can/cannot fill out the CSLB work experience and certification statement outline. They say the applicant or school “should not” fill it out. But here’s the truth, depending on how the experience is worded, they don’t know who filled it out. Nor should it really matter. The statement is being certified (sign-off) by someone who has first hand knowledge of the experience under penalty of perjury. Another truth, that penalty of perjury statement has meant nothing for decades. I don’t know of any certifier who was prosecuted for penalty of perjury on a work experience and certification statement.

So unless they’re going to profile applicants who they feel submitted work experience that they somehow determined was completed by someone other than the certifier, they should just let this go.

The BEST way to avoid making mistakes…. DON’T have your certifier complete the work certification statement. LOL I’ve seen 1000’s of work experience certs that were botched by the certifier every which way and back.

CSLB’s Facebook post:

◾The “Work Experience and Certification Statement” on the application must only be filled out by the person certifying the applicants experience.

◾It should not be filled out by the applicant or a contracting school.

◾The person confirming your work experience must describe your duties in a specific way.


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