Young Journeyman

Young Journeyman

Q. What’s a young journeyman?

A. An applicant who is usually less than 25 yrs of age. Being tagged as a young journeyman can be a huge hurdle to overcome. The Contractors State License Board will make the applicant jump thru many hoops to prove their experience.The problem in proving your experience lies in the requirements for licensure. You must have at least 4 yrs of experience at the Journeyman Level. So if you’re applying at the age of 23… that would imply that you’ve been a journeyman since the age of 19. That’s hard to do since most of us graduate from high school when we’re 18, and most apprenticeship training programs can take 2 yrs or more.

The Proof.

If you do get tagged as a young journeyman, you’ll need to show, or attempt to show, w-2’s, pay stubs, tax returns, etc. For most of my clients in this position… that can be very hard to do.

Long term.

Let’s say you do apply, get the young journeyman label and are denied. When you go to apply again in the future, you’ll have to jump thru all of those hoops again.

My advice.

Wait. Wait until you’re 25, 26… You will be less likely to be labeled a young journeyman and will most likely have more documented experience to back up your application.

young journeyman

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I am a Navy vet and former laborer for a B-Gen Bldg contractor, I built mobile homes for many years, I worked at the Contractors State License Board for 5 yrs, and have been operating a contractors license service company since 2005.

4 thoughts on “Young Journeyman”

  1. Thanks!
    Do not have cancelled checks but I do have receipts of the rent I have been paying the last 4 years. I live in a duplex home in which my parents own. They live in the first unit and I live in the second unit in which I have been paying rent for since I graduated high school and turned 18 . Almost 5 years now. Will any of that help to show any type of income. Expenses in general?

  2. Hello,
    Quick question regarding this. I have been working right out of high school with a licensed contractor c39 at the age of 18. (2017) I have been involved with roofing since I was about 12. So I was ready on the way out of high school and was working full time. I am currently 22 and hoping to apply in the coming months, it was 4 years in may. The contractor I will work with will sign off the experience however, the problem is that I was always paid cash (under the table) and worried to prove the experience. Will the contractor signing the experience form not be enough? I also have done full jobs with my dad who is also a 30 year experienced roofer but unlicensed.

    1. Hello Jose,

      You’ll submit the experience as an employee. The cslb has stated in the past that they don’t care how an employee is paid. The problem might be your age. They most likely will label you as a young journeyman and will ask you to prove your experience. Do you have copies of cancelled check showing your income? They’ll want to verify that you are being paid a journeyman level wage.

      My suggestion… wait 1-2 years then apply. If you’re labeled a YJ and they reject/deny your experience, you’ll need to jump through the experience verification hoops every time you apply after that.

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