Long Term Forecast of the CSLB

What is the long term forecast of the CSLB?

I’ve been hearing from many people that their license application is in a backlog that was self-created by the CSLB.

With the implementation of their back room decision to require critical classification applicants to provide every scrap of paper they can find to prove their experience, the CSLB now has a backlog of up to two months before they can review what they’ve required the applicant to provide.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-government. I’m for government that works. Unfortunately, government is only as good as the people in charge. In the case of the CSLB, the people in charge seem increasingly less qualified to do the job.

long term forecast of the cslb

They now have eight classifications on the “critical” list. That means, every applicant who applies for one of these eight classifications will have to provide additional experience verification. When the CSLB receives all of this paperwork, somebody has to review it. What is the CSLB process? Assign one person to review the mounds of paper flowing into their office! Now how does that make sense?

Having spent 5 wonderful years working at the CSLB, I can tell you that they promote the less qualified, and chase out the more qualified. Why is this? You could be a fair to midland employee, but if you’re a Yes man or woman, they’ll put you in charge. If you’re in the “in” crowd, they’ll put you in charge. If you’re good buddies with someone in charge, they’ll put you in charge.

Another issue that is brought up by this new application process is money. The CSLB is self-funded. How long can a self-funded agency last if they deny a vast majority of applicants from getting licensed? Sure, they’ll make $300 on every app submitted. But, they’ll lose all the money they’d receive on renewal fees, adding classification fees, etc. If the CSLB was a private business, it wouldn’t be long before they were out of business.

What is the long term forecast for the CSLB? Who knows, but from where we all stand now, it doesn’t look very good.

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Veterans Application Assistance Program

Veterans Application Assistance Program

I don’t think too many people are aware of this CSLB program for US Military Veterans. It hasn’t been publicized very much, but it is nice to see that they are giving those of us who are veterans a break. If you’re a vet applying for a license, I would highly recommend that you tell the CSLB you are a veteran and take advantage of this program.

 veterans application assistance program

CSLB offers a Veterans Application Assistance Program for those who are transitioning from military service to civilian employment. In many cases, veterans possess transferable skills to help meet minimum experience and training requirements for state contractor licensure. This program offers priority services to veteran applicants by evaluating transferable military experience and training, as well as education.CSLB assists veterans by providing:Program technicians specially trained to evaluate transferable military training and experience from all branches of the military that meet minimum licensure requirements;Automatic priority application processing;Evaluation of college transcripts to help verify acceptable educational credit in addition to military experience and training;Direct telephone and email contact with CSLB staff

via Veterans Application Program.

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Contractors License Experience Outline

I wanted to take a few moments to discuss the importance of creating a properly formatted California Contractors License experience outline.

For every trade, there are a few keywords the CSLB application technician is looking for. For the B classification, they want to see framing and at least two unrelated trades listed.

What I see too often is administrative duties being listed on the app. The CSLB won’t accept that as valid experience because they assume that if you are going into business, you should already know how to take care of the business, or administrative side of things.

  • Don’t list: Preparing contracts
  • Do list: Duties specific to your trade
  • Don’t list: Reviewing plans
  • Do list: What you do daily on the job site
  • Don’t list: Decision making
  • Do list: Key elements of your trade classification
  • Don’t list: Specific projects. Make it an overall outline of your trade duties
contractors license experience outline

These are the basics. If you need help preparing your CSLB contractors license experience outline or application, send me an email, a text, or call and I’d be happy to help you.

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