RMO Services

RMO ServicesAre you licensed and can be a qualifier on another license to provide RMO services? Or a company who is looking for RMO services?

NOTE: This blog post will no longer accept comments after 11/8/2019.  I have launched my new site, RMOServices.llc. This new site will connect contractors and companies with the RMO’s they’re looking for. It is an easier, simpler, more affordable program than any other available today.

If you’re looking for an RMO, click here.  If you’re interested in becoming and RMO, click here.

If you are a sole owner or RMO on less than three active corporate or LLC licenses and are interested in providing RMO services on another license, please post a comment to this post below.  If you would like to include your license number, potential license seekers could contact you directly via the information available on the CSLB website.  Otherwise, they can post a comment and I, or they, can reach out to you.

Remember, you cannot “rent out” your license and the cslb has stated they are looking for qualifiers who are not actively participating in the projects being done under the licenses they are qualifying.

Note, I am not an attorney nor do I provide legal services.  I will be happy to assist/prepare your CSLB documents, but all legal questions and requests for contract preparation services must be directed to a licensed attorney.

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