CSLB Home Improvement Salesperson Registration

The CSLB home improvement salesperson registration law will change on January 1, 2016.

Of all the laws and rules and regulations the CSLB could be working to change, they decided to do something about HIS registrations. What about the myriad of underground regulations the CSLB has created regarding the licensure of targeted classifications?

Press releases like the one below always appear (to me) to be more of a smoke screen than anything else. As if to say “Look at us and what we’re doing to fix a problem very few were aware of… but don’t worry about how we’re profiling a majority of license applications.”

A 1000 applications a month? Seriously? That prompted legislative action? It’s a one page app for goodness sake!

What it really comes down to is … what can the CSLB do to make it easier on themselves. It has nothing to do with any inconvenience on the part of the applicant. The CSLB makes it very clear to almost every applicant who contacts them that they (applicant) are not the priority. For example, emails unanswered, phone calls not returned, ambiguous answers to serious questions, etc.

But hey…. If the CSLB can reduce their workload by processing fewer HIS applications, then WOW… good for them!!

Governor Brown Signs Bill Changing CSLB’s Home Improvement Salesperson Registration Requirements

SACRAMENTO — Home improvement salespersons (HIS) that represent licensed contractors when selling goods and services soon will only have to register once with the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed Senate Bill 561 into law yesterday, simplifying the HIS registration process to a single registration while still allowing salespeople to represent multiple employers.

Anyone who solicits, sells, negotiates, or executes home improvement contracts for a licensed contractor outside of the contractor’s normal place of business must be registered with CSLB as an HIS (Business and Professions Code section 7153).

The law takes effect January 1, 2016, and removes the current requirement that an HIS register separately with CSLB for each contractor that employs them.

The bill, authored by Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel) and sponsored by CSLB, will simplify and quicken the registration process in response to the rapid growth in the number of HIS applications, particularly for employees who work in the solar industry. CSLB received more than 1,000 HIS applications per month in fiscal year 2014-15, a 40 percent jump compared to the average for the previous three years.

In addition to the single registration provision, SB 561 will:
·         Require a contractor to notify CSLB in writing prior to employing a registered HIS, and when employment ceases;
·         Allow CSLB to accept an electronic application and signature from an HIS applicant;
·         Require an HIS to have a current and valid registration with CSLB before making sales calls and transactions on behalf of a contractor; and
·         Provide that registrations will be valid for two years from the month of issue.

CSLB staff is already at work putting systems in place for the new registration process. More information will be available in the weeks to come on CSLB’s website.

End press release

I would provide a link to this press release on the CSLB website, but apparently they send out press releases before updating their public website and there is no link for me to provide.

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