CSLB Spring Newsletter

cslb newsletterThe CSLB Spring Newsletter just went out today. Here are some highlights.

Streamlined Application Process

The CSLB Chair, Joan Hancock, stated “CSLB has initiated a new program to help streamline a contractor’s journey-level experience verification through a new Experience Verification Unit with dedicated staff.”

Streamline? Really? It’s obvious that she’s either in the dark or putting lipstick on a pig. This new program has done nothing to streamline the process. Quite the opposite.

And the dedicated staff? Who have zero construction experience? I’m sure that’s helping in this streamlined process.

Joan Hancock – CSLB Chair

A quick comment on the Chair… her license, #462840, lists the company name as Her Land Enterprises, but she’s all over the web as Her Land & Co Construction. Does she not know that she’s in violation of CSLB advertising laws? And I wonder what type of B General Building she does. She has no employee’s. So I would have to assume that she only acts as a Prime contractor and subs out all of the work. I wonder if she could get a license today with the new “streamlined” application process?!?!

Water Well Drilling

The water well industry, in conjunction with CGA, actively encourages continuing education for drillers, and standardizing a sometimes-confusing patchwork of local regulations.

 Strengthening Advertising Laws

CSLB’s Board is supporting new legislation that would provide more tools to help regulate unlicensed contracting.

  • CSLB would be able to pursue administrative sanctions against operators who advertise services in excess of the $500 legal limit, and target those individuals in undercover sting operations.
  • The proposal to amend BPC §7110.5 would provide CSLB flexibility in pursing disciplinary action against a licensed contractor as a result of a referral from the Labor Commissioner for a Labor Code violation.

License Applicants, Schools Can Still View Experience Verification Webcast

“Anyone who plans to become a licensed contractor can benefit from a recent CSLB webcast that clarifies the experience verification process that all applicants must undergo to qualify for a license.”

I was at that seminar and it was mainly about the “critical classifications” they made up. The above quote from the newsletter suggests that ALL applicants must go through the experience verification nightmare.

Proposed New C-22 Asbestos Classification in the Works

Is this a classification you’d like to pursue? You can bet it will be included in the list of “critical classifications.” Remember, you have to show at least 4 yrs of documented, verifiable asbestos removal experience.

One Million Licenses: CSLB Nears Milestone Mark

“Will you be CSLB’s one millionth license holder? Sorry, no grand prize, but great bragging rights. Within the next year, CSLB will have issued one million licenses since its creation in 1929. That means someone who is obtaining, renewing or changing a license status with CSLB during this time will be license recipient No. 1000000.”

“Unlike a game show, the one millionth license recipient won’t know of their special status immediately. But they’ll see the “1000000” number when they get their pocket and wall license in the mail.” They left out the part where the BBB or some insurance company cold calls you the second your newly issued license hits the web. They want you to join or buy something. That’s how the vast majority, if not all, newly licensed contractors find out when their license is issued.

If you’d like to view the entire CSLB Spring Newsletter, click here: http://cslb.ca.gov/Newsletter/2014-Spring/index.asp

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Experience Verification of a Young Journeyman-Contractor Talk

Below is a question from a young journeyman who has to provide experience verification.

Hey License Guru I have a a few questions. My story been working with my dad since I was 15 doing gen contractor stuff like framing etc part time until I graduated HS then i did it full time. I am 23 now. I did work for his friend a while back who is also a licensed contractor. Thing is I dont have much in the way of paperwork showing i did. My dad just started paying me with pay checks a few months ago. Before that he has been giving me personal checks for the last few years. I checked my app status and it says now SPEC PROJ – EXPERIENCE VERIFICATION

Are they asking for my general experience so far or what I did for my dads friend. He was the one who did my experience verification/qualification form. For whatever reason he did not list his license number instead opting to put himself as an client Saying because I listed as self employed? He guided me through the application process but I had some reservations about it. It didnt feel right but I didnt know enough to really know.


2. If it is what I think it is what happens if my dads friend the certifer does not have any reciepts/paystubs for me working for him? I think it said letters saying I did will not suffice? What if he puts down he is a licensed contractor and includes his license if he did not included it before. Would they accept that?

3. If I get rejected what happens. How long is the waiting period for me to apply again? will they have records of all the stuff I had previously? Would they catch any contradictions between applications if on the next go round I get put as working with my dad?

4. Any other tips on what to do since Im young I’m assuming they are going to scrutinize me more than they normally would.

experience verification young journeyman

My reply:

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