Do I have to submit an experience outline?

CSLB ExperienceI received an email today from a reader who was looking for an answer to this question:

Do I have to submit an experience outline with my application if I held the same classification over five years ago? The email stated:

Dear Mr. Cocciante:

Your Blog is a wonderful resource and I am happy I discovered it. I have a question I hope you can answer. Here is the scenario: Contractor fails to renew license, license expires, five years pass. Contractor must now apply for new a.k.a. Original License. Does Contractor need to complete and have Certification of Experience form signed? Per Bus. & Prof. Code 825(b) applicant “may compute experience without regard to the ten-year limitation.” So, essentially, Contractor may use the exact work experience used to obtain original license, and given that Contractor held license, clearly he has met the four-year minimum requirement … which leads me to the question of does Contractor need to include a Certification of Work Experience form?

I have read conflicting answers in another blog. One time they said the form was not required, another time they said it was. When I called the CSLB, a tech told me all Contractor needs to do is write “See License No. XXXX” on the Experience form; another tech had a different answer.

I’m hoping you have some insight for me. I very sincerely appreciate your time. Perhaps this topic may be a good one to blog about. I imagine I’m not the only one trying to figure this out. Plus, with the fires in Northern California, seems like a lot of guys are getting back into construction after having let their licenses expire.

Kind regards,
Jessica T.

My reply:

Hello Jessica,

Thank you for the kind words.

I can tell you as a former cslb application technician, and a service provider that deals with current application techs, that he would not need to submit his experience with a new application.

On the first page of the app it will ask him to provide any license he is/was associated with. The app tech will look up that license number to verify that he held the same classification previously that is being applied for now and will post the application to the exams.

Having said that, there is always a slim chance that they may ask for an experience outline and verifying documents (depending on the classification being applied for) for this type of application.


Thank you Jessica for your email and allowing me to post it here. Questions from my readers are always welcomed.

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CSLB Qualifying Experience – Part 3

To continue in this series of posts, I will be discussing the CSLB Qualifying Experience outline and process. Part 3

Below are a set of powerpoint slides that were shown at the recent Contractors State License Board Licensing Committee Meeting held at the CSLB office in Sacramento on October 21, 2013.

Along the way, I’ll add my advice and opinion where necessary. Click on the images to enlarge.

CSLB Qualifying Experience Part 3

Slides # 17-18

These two slides show what forms of experience verification they will accept. It’s my opinion that this information should be made public on the CSLB website. I haven’t found it yet, but if I do, I’ll be sure to post a link in this blog.

CSLB Qualifying Experience Part 3Slides #19-20

#19 is a continuation of the CSLB qualifying experience verification documents they will accept.

#20 is the lead slide to examples of experience they’ve received. The text “The names have been changed to protect the guilty” is an odd statement. What do they mean by that? Is that supposed to be an attempt at humor? If it is, it’s lost on me.

CSLB Qualifying Experience Part 3Slides #21-22

“Copy and Paste” There is no rule stated on the application that the experience listed must be different is more than one experience form is completed. If their example was hand written on two forms, verbatim, they couldn’t call it “copy and paste.” So is their issue the fact that the app was filled out in Adobe, copied and pasted to second work experience form? Again, there is nothing in the app directions or Business and Professions Code that states that is a “red flag.”

Of course, if they contact the employer, and he/she gives a different job description, you’re app is in trouble. But “copy and paste” is not a violation.

CSLB Qualifying Experience Part 3Slides #23-24

Having a fellow employee certify your work shouldn’t be a “red flag.” It is an option on the application. What this slide should have said was…. This applicant is applying for the A-General Engineering classification, therefore, it falls under the new “critical classification” rules we just made up.

Granted, the experience in this example isn’t up to my standards. It does read as though the applicant was more of a geologist, as his employer stated. But the basics of the experience outline is acceptable… in my opinion.

 Ok, there is Part 3 in this series, CSLB Qualifying Experience. Come back to see the final installment.

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