CSLB Newsletter Summer 2014 Part 1

The CSLB Summer Newsletter 2014 was released today.

cslb newsletter foot in mouthI almost feel like I should thank the CSLB for publishing these newsletters because of the amount of blog posts they can generate. These newsletters give the CSLB the opportunity to continually stick their foot in their mouth in a widely publicized format, and me the opportunity to point it out.

A new Board Chair was elected, David Dias. Mr. Dias decided to make his first public written statement about his personal issues. Being a former HVAC guy, he’s decided to spend the Boards resources going after unlicensed HVAC contractors. Really? Shouldn’t he be focused on the construction industry as a whole? Or is he taking his position of power to tackle something that bothers him personally?

Here is his statement:

“After several extremely tough years for California’s construction industry, it appears that the worst is finally behind most of us, and the prospects for the remainder of this year look brighter for our colleagues. I am pleased to have been elected as CSLB’s Board Chair in this positive atmosphere, and look forward to more work – and jobs – for contractors as the state’s economy continues to recover.

I’m proud of the professionalism demonstrated by the vast majority of CSLB’s almost 300,000 licensees through good times and bad – those who maintained high standards and refrained from cheating, even under the strain of a crushing recession.

Unfortunately, there are always a few whose actions tarnish the reputation of our profession. In particular, I am troubled by the increasing number of complaints CSLB is receiving about predatory C-20 Warm-Air Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) contractors who are targeting vulnerable consumers after being called out for simple repairs or routine maintenance. This really hits home since I’ve spent much of my career working in the HVAC field, and I find it disappointing that my honest, hard-working colleagues suffer from association with the industry’s bad apples.

CSLB is taking steps to warn and weed out this element. We hosted a conference in San Jose in May that brought together industry officials, regulators, and C-20 contractors to discuss HVAC installation. The event also introduced CSLB’s new “Ambassador Program,” an education and enforcement campaign. A similar town hall meeting for HVAC contractors was held in early July in San Leandro.

CSLB plans to continue its campaign of educational HVAC workshops to remind contractors about California’s service and repair contract laws and requirements, including a customer’s three-day right to rescind a home improvement contract.

CSLB is partnering with local district attorneys, the Better Business Bureau, and industry leaders on these efforts. I also encourage HVAC business owners to join us in identifying those who are victimizing consumers and damaging the industry’s reputation.

CSLB’s Enforcement division will be reinforcing its HVAC scam zero-tolerance policy through targeted undercover sting operations. You can help in this effort by offering your residential or commercial properties to use for sting operations. An article in this newsletter explains how you can help.”

This is my favorite part of his statement:

“look forward to more work – and jobs – for contractors as the state’s economy continues to recover” He’s not new to the Board, but it seems he hasn’t been paying attention at the meetings. The CSLB licensing division still has its underground and illegal regulations in place that make it extremely difficult to obtain a license. I’m shocked that they haven’t put out some stats that show how many B contractors obtained a license in 2013 compared to any previous year. Ok, no I’m not really shocked, because I’d bet that a lot fewer B contractors were licensed in 2013. So… “more work and jobs for contractors”?? Reality is… they’re creating more underground contractors.

My second favorite part of his statement:

“CSLB is partnering with local district attorneys, the Better Business Bureau…” First, haven’t they always been working with DA’s? They were when I worked there from 2000 – 2005. Has something changed? Next… the BBB. The CSLB is “partnering” with the BBB? Apparently the CSLB is unaware that the BBB is a paid membership business whose business model is to turn a profit, not protect consumers. And does the CSLB think that the BBB is receiving complaints from consumers that they aren’t receiving? “Partnering” with the BBB is just their way of blowing smoke up … to make it sound like they are actually doing something.

Stay tuned for CSLB Newsletter Summer 2014 Part 2 in the coming days where I’ll discuss the CSLB getting tough on RMOs.

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CSLB Spring Newsletter

cslb newsletterThe CSLB Spring Newsletter just went out today. Here are some highlights.

Streamlined Application Process

The CSLB Chair, Joan Hancock, stated “CSLB has initiated a new program to help streamline a contractor’s journey-level experience verification through a new Experience Verification Unit with dedicated staff.”

Streamline? Really? It’s obvious that she’s either in the dark or putting lipstick on a pig. This new program has done nothing to streamline the process. Quite the opposite.

And the dedicated staff? Who have zero construction experience? I’m sure that’s helping in this streamlined process.

Joan Hancock – CSLB Chair

A quick comment on the Chair… her license, #462840, lists the company name as Her Land Enterprises, but she’s all over the web as Her Land & Co Construction. Does she not know that she’s in violation of CSLB advertising laws? And I wonder what type of B General Building she does. She has no employee’s. So I would have to assume that she only acts as a Prime contractor and subs out all of the work. I wonder if she could get a license today with the new “streamlined” application process?!?!

Water Well Drilling

The water well industry, in conjunction with CGA, actively encourages continuing education for drillers, and standardizing a sometimes-confusing patchwork of local regulations.

 Strengthening Advertising Laws

CSLB’s Board is supporting new legislation that would provide more tools to help regulate unlicensed contracting.

  • CSLB would be able to pursue administrative sanctions against operators who advertise services in excess of the $500 legal limit, and target those individuals in undercover sting operations.
  • The proposal to amend BPC §7110.5 would provide CSLB flexibility in pursing disciplinary action against a licensed contractor as a result of a referral from the Labor Commissioner for a Labor Code violation.

License Applicants, Schools Can Still View Experience Verification Webcast

“Anyone who plans to become a licensed contractor can benefit from a recent CSLB webcast that clarifies the experience verification process that all applicants must undergo to qualify for a license.”

I was at that seminar and it was mainly about the “critical classifications” they made up. The above quote from the newsletter suggests that ALL applicants must go through the experience verification nightmare.

Proposed New C-22 Asbestos Classification in the Works

Is this a classification you’d like to pursue? You can bet it will be included in the list of “critical classifications.” Remember, you have to show at least 4 yrs of documented, verifiable asbestos removal experience.

One Million Licenses: CSLB Nears Milestone Mark

“Will you be CSLB’s one millionth license holder? Sorry, no grand prize, but great bragging rights. Within the next year, CSLB will have issued one million licenses since its creation in 1929. That means someone who is obtaining, renewing or changing a license status with CSLB during this time will be license recipient No. 1000000.”

“Unlike a game show, the one millionth license recipient won’t know of their special status immediately. But they’ll see the “1000000” number when they get their pocket and wall license in the mail.” They left out the part where the BBB or some insurance company cold calls you the second your newly issued license hits the web. They want you to join or buy something. That’s how the vast majority, if not all, newly licensed contractors find out when their license is issued.

If you’d like to view the entire CSLB Spring Newsletter, click here: http://cslb.ca.gov/Newsletter/2014-Spring/index.asp

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