CSLB Certification Requirement

Here we go again on the make stuff up as we go merry go-round! What the law states is different than what they do. The CSLB certification requirement of work experience rules have a new twist.

Here’s the latest… I have a client who has obtained experience all over the world. He’s extremely qualified and I’m sure very talented.

Per one of the many other fabricated cslb rules, his overseas experience certifiers signatures must be notarized. One period of his experience was in Europe, but his certifier (who has first hand knowledge of that experience) now lives in the southern hemisphere. You would think no big deal. His certifier has moved, so his address on the certification form is in a different country from where they both worked at that time. No big deal… right? WRONG!!!

The cslb sent him a letter stating that the certifier must have an address in the same country as where the experience was obtained. Uh… What? Who? How? Says who?!?! Here is the text taken directly from the cslb tech’s letter:

Straight from the horses mouth!

For out-of-country experience, the Certification of Work Experience form must be certified in the country of origin. “

No section of law quoted, no regulation stated, just a straight up statement of… you must do this! Seriously?!?! What’s next… you must provide a blood sample?!? Give me a break!

Here’s the statement taken directly from the cslb law book regarding the certifier. You’ll notice that it says nothing about where the certifier must live or that his signature must be notarized.

What the law actually says:

“All experience claims must be verified by a qualified and responsible person, such as a homeowner, an employer, fellow employee, other journeyman, contractor, union representative, building inspector, architect, engineer, business associate, or a client if the applicant is/was self-employed. The person verifying your experience must have firsthand knowledge of your experience during the time period covered—that is, he or she must have observed the work that you have done and must complete and sign under penalty of perjury the “Certification of Work Experience” form, which is included with the application.”

“Under penalty of perjury” means absolutely nothing?! No… the certifier must live in the same place as where the experience was obtained… THAT’S the important thing here!! What a joke!

Wish I may, wish I might, wish upon a star tonight!

At some point, somehow, somewhere, someone has to put these people in check. I mean seriously… Who the F do they think they are!?! Is the certifier not allowed to move out of the country?! Amazing how the cslb thinks they can now dictate where a certifier MUST live!

CSLB Certification Requirement Frustration
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