Contractors License Application Waivers

The 4 Possible Contractors License Application Waivers Available in California

contractors license application waiversI wanted to take a moment to discuss the different types of contractors license application waivers. I’m often asked, “Do I get a waiver of the exam since I’ve been working my trade for the last decade?” No. The waiver requirements are very specific. I’ve included the law text below, but I will break it down for you here.

  1. 1.   Listed on License Waiver: With this waiver, you must have been listed on the license you intend to qualify for at least 5 out of the previous 7 years. Note, the license has to have been in good standing for those 5 yrs. If you apply on the 5th year anniversary, but the license was suspended for anything for any amount of time during that 5 year period, you will need to wait until the license has had a minimum of 5 good standing years. I mentioned a moment ago that this waiver is for someone who intends to qualify the license they are listed on. Hence the name of the waiver. You can only use this waiver if you will be replacing the existing qualifier on the license. Now, it is possible to replace the existing qualifier, and then be replaced by that qualifier allowing you to obtain your own license without taking the exams. This is because the law only requires that you hold the classification for at least one day within the last 5 years.
  2. Family Waiver: This waiver will allow you to become the qualifier and take over an existing sole owner license. The licensee must have retired or passed away and you must be an immediate family member. Son/daughter, nephew/niece, spouse, grandson/granddaughter. You’ll have to submit an Application for a new license, requesting the family waiver for the existing license. The business name will remain the same and can not be changed. If the licensee has passed away, you’ll need to provide a death certificate. If the licensee is retiring, he will need to submit a signed letter stating he/she is retiring and allowing the family member to take over the license/business.
  3. .. That’s only 2, There are still 2 more!

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