RMO Services

RMO ServicesAre you licensed and can be a qualifier on another license to provide RMO services? Or a company who is looking for RMO services?

Do you hold the B, C10, C20, C36, C39, or C46 classification?

I’m often asked if I can assist someone who needs RMO services.

If you are a sole owner or RMO on less than three active corporate or LLC licenses and are interested in providing RMO services on another license, please post a comment to this post below.  If you would like to include your license number, potential license holders could contact you directly via the information available on the CSLB website.  Otherwise, they can post a comment and I, or they, can reach out to you.

Remember, you cannot “rent out” your license and the cslb has stated they are looking for qualifiers who are not actively participating in the projects being done under the licenses they are qualifying.

Note, I am not an attorney nor do I provide legal services.  I will be happy to assist/prepare your CSLB documents, but all legal questions and requests for contract preparation services must be directed to a licensed attorney.

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  1. C-9 Drywall RMO wanted in San Diego. Please contact Nate at nlgallow@gmail.com

  2. Tejas Naik says

    I looking for an RMO with B license in Bay area. If you are available to be my RMO, please call/text 347-602-2210. Thank you.

  3. We’re looking for an RMOs with B and C-36 in LA. We are a highly qualified team with over 30 years of previous experience in large plumbing and general contracting companies. If you are available to be our RMO, please comment to this post or call/text 310-525-0864. Thank you.

  4. I’m looking for a General B RMO in the Bay area. I have many years of construction experience and willing to start my own business. With multiple potential leads for future projects can pay either per project or flat per month.
    Please call at 323-403-5772 or email at shimon@mry.biz.
    Thanks a lot,

  5. I hold an “A” license (General Engineering Contractor) and I am available to serve as an RMO.

    In addition to the “A” classification, I can serve as an RMO for:
    * C-12 Earthwork & Paving
    * C-32 Parking & Highway Improvement
    * C-34 Pipeline
    * D-56 Trenching
    * C-46 Solar

    Feel free to call 951-442-4896

  6. We’re looking for an RME with C-36 in LA. We are a highly qualified team with previous experience in large plumbing companies. If you are available to be our RME, please comment to this post or call/text 310-525-0864. Thank you.

  7. Tal Mechaly says

    Hi I’m looking for D-28 – Doors, Gates in california .

    Please contact me by text
    1(818) 4067128

  8. Hello All!

    Carlise Farren is looking for a C-9 RMO for her company in the Bay Area / Oakland. If you have a C-9 and are available to be an RMO, please comment to this post and I’ll put you together with her. 🙂

  9. James Clifton says


    I’m looking for a C36 RMO in Los Angeles area.
    I have over 5 years experience.
    Please give me a call at 818-287-9020

    Thank you!

  10. Mark Marquez says


    My dad has 30 years of self-employed construction experience and would like to become a general contractor (B). I’m working with him on the business development/marketing side of the business and would like to learn the construction ropes as well. We’re in the Bay Area and are looking for an RMO with the General B license to help get us started!

    I look forward to speaking with you,

    Mark Marquez

  11. Hello I am looking for a General B license as well as a c33. We are in the Bay Area and would love to partner up with someone local to keep growing. Please reach out [email protected] @gmail.com

  12. Hello, I am looking for a Rmo for c-10 license asap.

  13. Looking for a General B RMO. 714-408-9651
    Call and ask for Caesar between 9am-5pm.
    Looking to pay monthly flat fee. Thank you.

  14. yes i’m looking for b or c39
    Im looking for an RMO C39 or B Please contact me chico 8188887447

  15. mike hardaway says

    anybody on here know of or have a license in Arizona , HVAC or General construction ? i need a qualifier for 30-60 days 760-352-6500 Mike or text to mobile 760-427-3200 thank you

  16. mike hardaway says

    i am looking for a RMO / RME in Arizona cr39 o gen

  17. David suarez says

    Hi I am looking for a RMO that has a d49 or a c27

  18. Jay Mondragon says

    Need RMO or RME for C-33(painting) license.

  19. Romeo Fornaro says

    I am needing a C-33 RMO, please let me know if you are interested?
    Romeo Fornaro

  20. I am a General B license holder, looking to RMO in LA/OC area. Call/ text me 562-900-4419. Let’s talk.

  21. efraim davitashvily says

    im intersted pleas contact with me (D-28)

  22. Looking for RMO General B license for Fresno area.
    Don’t actually do work for customers per say.
    We do work on Apartments/Homes/vacant lots I personally own. Want to start having my own license to pull permits under.
    And, Yes we have a ton of work and it would be worth it to have my own license.

  23. james h. dyer says

    rmo with B lic available in sacramento area

    • Hi James.

      My wife and I are starting a new construction company and are in deeply need of a B-License RMO. Are you available to help us out? Please call/text 408-529-5042.


    • Victoria says

      Hi James , we are looking for an RMO
      Please let me know a good contact details to discuss it further .

    • hey,im intersted
      im the owner of garage doors and gates company im looking license D-28 c-61

    • Hi please contact me 510-570-5845

    • Hi James. You had called me before and offered your RMO services to me. I’d like to talk to you in regards on moving forward- but through so many phone calls I lost your number. Please, call me back at 408-529-5042.


    • Hi James,
      We need an RMO for B license to build a house in Santa Rosa and the Bay area.

    • Shimon is interested. I’m posting on his behalf.

      Im looking for a General B RMO in the Bay area. I have many years of construction experience and willing to start my own business. With multiple potential leads for future projects can pay either per project or flat per month.
      Please call at 323-403-5772 or email at shimon@mry.biz.
      Thanks a lot,

    • James,
      We are looking for a RMO “B” in grass valley next year for multi family project. Text me at 530.492.2119 if interested.

    • David Lewis says


      I’m looking for a Primary RME/RMO “B” for commited projects for the Paradise area are you interested? The term would be for roughly 3 years.

  24. Current C-16 License Holder -30 years, available for RME or RMO, RME must be employed with you full time, RMO must own 10% minimum

    • Hello John,

      If you will be a qualifier on more than one active license, you could only be an RMO with at least 20% ownership. If you’re a qualifier on only one active license, you could be an RME or RMO with 0-100% ownership. If you are an RMO with less than 10% ownership, a Bond of Qualifying Individual would be needed.

    • I am looking urgently for a C13 fencing license RMO.
      Can you please help me?
      Thank you

    • Gil Garcia Jr says


      Are you still available to RMO a C16 license?

    • Hi John,

      I’m in need of an RMO/RME with a C16. Are you still interested? Please call me at 818-273-1110

  25. Seeking C20 RMO, currently hold B, C-10 in Riverside County.

  26. Hi I’m seeking a C-8 and C-12 – RMO for south orange county and inland area (CALIFORNIA). Please contact me at 949-836-3666. We will be working in upscale neighborhoods.

  27. Hello… I am looking for someone to be our RMO that has a Gen B based out of Los Angeles. Looking for someone to qualify our property management company that has 10 years of experience.

    • Yembi cabrera says

      Hello Rus, my name is Yembi I have been in the management business for 5 years and I have my Gen B and I live in the LA county. Give me the opportunity to give you more info about my experience in this field and how I can assist you in you management company, thank you

  28. Hi – I do Handyman work and want to be 100% legal – looking for I guess an RMO with B license ? I don’t want to have any legal issues. Just lots of work coming my way and becoming a huge struggle to balance the whole 500.00 thing. Located in Ca – Orange County area. I already carry insurance and would carry the best bond and insurance moving forward.

  29. Christine Estrada says

    Thanks, Mr. Cocciante! Turns out, we would need someone in or around Palm Springs, Indio, Coachella, San Bernardino, Redlands, and surrounding area within reasonable distance from Palm Springs. Hoping there’s someone.

  30. Christine Estrada says

    Looking for Class B RMO and C-53 RMO. Thank you!
    (949) 265-1132

  31. Hey I’m looking for c39 rmo

  32. Martin olveda says

    I’m in need of a C-20 please contact me @818-836-7827

    • Jay Mondragon says

      My name is Jose and I’m pursuing a C-33 license with the help of an RMO/RME. If you are a well knowledgeable advisor preferably residing in Orange County, CA. (949)354-9594

      • Jesus Vergara says

        C36 sole owner, license number #1005065 looking for someone in need of RMO. Thanks

        Jesus O. Vergara

  33. Joel VALENCIA says

    Hi My Name is Joel someone renting a license D-49 for tree service? or an RMO for the same kind of license?
    925.949.9037 please call me any time.

    • Remember, you can’t “rent” a license. You can apply for your own license (corp, LLC, or partnership) and the qualifier can be an RMO on your new license. That RMO would need to show at least 20% ownership on your license application if they are an active qualifier on any other license.

  34. chase davis says

    Hi my Name is Chase Davis I currently hold a C-10 license with the CSLB and looking to act as an RMO if anyone is in need please give me a call (951)529-3686

  35. Anyone in Central Valley , Bay Area, Los Angeles looking for a RMO?

    License Issue Date – 09/20/2000 , currently active 19 year license.

    I hold the following classifications.

    C36 – PLUMBING
    C39 – ROOFING

    If looking for an RMO

  36. hugo carranza says

    We are looking for a c-33 RMO in Sacramento, CA.

  37. Martin Phillips says


    I am Martin Phillips and I am in wireless telecommunications. We have a contract to fabricate and distribute small cells shrouds and equipment enclosures. In addition, I have access to install electrical charging stations, and cell towers. I am seeking a C10, and A license. The C-10 is reciprocal in Florida where i have contracts to o work too. We can discuss all options to being RMO with a fee to equity after 1 year.

    You can reach me at 407 808 8001


  38. Hello, we urgently need RMO for C36 Plumbing for our plumbing business. Email us on samedayplumbings@gmail.com if you can help. Thanks Ricky

  39. Hi ,

    I’m looking for a rmo in the Los Angeles area that holds a general B , C39, C17. I am open to a flat rate fee to get my operation going and would be willing to re negotiate that once jobs kick in, or give a percentage per job. I have 6-7 years in the field and want to get my company going. If you are open to this please reach out to me at 310-702-6024.

  40. Joel Aneceto MENDOZA says


    Anyone looking for RMO C21?

    Thank you,


  41. Joani Askine says

    I hold a C-20 contractor License and I am Interested in becoming an RMO. I am located in the San Diego area.

  42. Paul WIlliams says


    I am looking for a RMO for the San Diego area for a C36 and or C20.
    Please contact me

  43. Hello
    I’m looking for an RMO D28 garage door and gates.

  44. I hold a “B” contractor License..Interested in becoming an RMO in San Diego area.

    • Michelle Wizman says

      Hi Oscar,
      What is your phone number?
      Thank you

    • Hello Oscar,

      We are a small company In the LA area in need of a Class B license. Are you open to this area? If so please contact me. (818) 966-4307

    • Edgar Contreras says

      Hi Oscar ,

      I am located in Los Angeles and have done work out there in San Diego. Would you be open to this? Please reach out to me
      If available.

    • Martin Phillips says

      Hi, I am Martin Phillips and interested in using your B license in LA/OC/SD area.

      You can reach me at 407 808 8001


    • Hi Oscar. Are you still available to become our RMO? If so, please call me at 408-529-5042.

  45. Milan Vladic says

    I have a Class B license in the San Diego area and looking to RMO for a company. Have gone through it before and is familiar with the process. If interested, contact me at milanvladicjr@gmail.com

  46. Looking for someone to RMO on a relatively small demolition project in Sacramento.
    C21 would fit the bill or general contractor would work as well (I think)
    Text or call 2097129646

    • Hello John,

      You may also want to try the CSLB’s licensee search. Click here. I searched C-21’s in Sacramento and found 21 licenses that hold that classification. It would require some cold calling, but it’s an option.

  47. C27 License RMO. I have a c27 license in good standing looking to be an RMO for a company.
    Please email me at alancarranzaojai@gmail.com if interested. Thanks

  48. Hello I am looking for a RMO for Roofing C39 and/or HVAC C20. If anyone interested please email me on serviceappliance123@gmail.com

  49. I am looking for an RMO to qualify a General B License. Projects will be in the LA/Oxnard/Ventura/Santa Bárbara Area. Please contact me at migace312 AT gmail.com

  50. Adalberto Vasquez says

    Anyone with a general b or a c36. Ready to get the ball rolling asap. Not here to waste time. 3108004294 text me. Thank you

  51. General B Contractor, Los Angeles area, willing to RMO. Let’s talk, 562-900-4419.

  52. Vanessa Talavera says

    Hi my name is Vanessa. I’m looking for an rmo with a C-27 license.

  53. Looking for a C-16 to RMO a small company in Northern Ca.

  54. I am actively looking for a RMO for C10 Electrical and C20 HVAC in Sacramento Area. If anyone interested please email me on opentoinvestment@gmail.com.

    • Michal Wizman says

      Hi Phil,
      I am looking for B license and C-2 License. Do you know an RMO for those classifications?
      Thank you

      • Hello Michal,

        I currently don’t have a B RMO on my list, and the C-2 could be difficult to find as there aren’t that many with that class. You could potentially find someone in the LA area using the CSLB’s license search function. Click here. I did a search and found 6 licenses that carry the C-2 class.

      • Hi I’m looking to provide my RMO services . Please feel free to contact me. I hold @ B lic.

        • Hi Daniel. Are you still available to provide your RMO services? If so, please give me a call at 408-529-5042.

        • Shimon is interested. I’m posting on his behalf.

          Im looking for a General B RMO in the Bay area. I have many years of construction experience and willing to start my own business. With multiple potential leads for future projects can pay either per project or flat per month.
          Please call at 323-403-5772 or email at shimon@mry.biz.
          Thanks a lot,

  55. I hold B,C-10 and C-20 contractor Licenses and I am interested in becoming RMO
    Contact me.

  56. I hold a C-20 HVAC contractor License I am Interested in becoming RMO contact me Dan Smallie @ gmail . com

  57. Does anyone hold a C-7 Low Voltage license classification and is willing to qualify a license? Please let me know.

  58. Seeking C20 RMO in the BAY AREA. Please contact me at josuehvac467@gmail.com

  59. kriztofer cole says

    I have a c10 and am looking for someone who needs me as an RMO. I will only deal with someone that IS BASED OUT OF SAN DIEGO

  60. Adalberto Vasquez says

    In need of rmo b license and or c36 license.

    3108004294 Alberto located in gardena ca.

  61. I am looking for B lic rmo 323-972-1699

  62. I have a client that needs a B RMO for two licenses. If you’re available and are currently only licensed on one active corporate or LLC license, send me an email using my contact form below.

    • Hi Phil –
      We have spoken briefly about RMO and I have capacity to license two additional contractors – I hold a Class A and Class B license and have had an attorney prepare an agreement that covers me and the contractor that needs and RMO. I expect $1200.mo after a $2000 start up, I know you will have costs and don’t know what you need from me, but I would expect that the applicant would cover those costs, but enlighten me. I would hope you know of solid dependable and experienced contractors for I don’t need to be giving lessons – I have over 50 years of experience and am highly qualified. Please let me know if I can fit in with any of your reliable clients!!

      Tim Tyler 338462 A&B

  63. Looking for a new rmo to replace Retiring Rmo class b [email protected]

  64. Have active/ good standing c-27 landscape license. anyone looking for c27 landscape contractor?

  65. i could be an RMO for c-33 painting license

  66. Hi I’m seeking a general B – rmo. Please contact me and I’ll provide experience previous work portfolio etc. All experience can be proven with address , photos of before / after multifamily work. 310-849-1528

  67. Sophia Saul says

    hello we are a solar company and looking for a C10 to be an RMO for us. for a monthly fee..
    please contact if interested

  68. Hello looking for someone that holds a General B, C10 or C46 license that would be interested in being a qualifier for me for Solar contracts but I need to be licensed and bond. I have extensive training and 7 years experience. Please send me your info and we can negotiate on a monthly fee.
    Rod Martinez
    [email protected]

  69. We are a newly formed Ca C-Corp in need of an RMO, C-16 Fire Protection while our CSLB as well as the CSFM`s Office application/license process moves forward.

    We are new to this process but not new to business with over 28 years of experience in the Fire Protection Systems and Equipment Industry. We are 100% self funded… Have an FPE in place for plans/ engineering and years of sales contacts with over 300 sales leads last year alone in only the commercial sector in our geographic area.

    We are fully tooled up with trucks, tools and equipment to handle any Fire Protection Installation scenario… under or above ground installations… steel, copper, plastic, pex, etc. can install/ fit all pipe mediums and situations. We can thread, Groove, solder, weld or fabricate in the field or in our small office/shop.

    We have a network of suppliers throughout the state of Ca available for anywhere installations.

    We are very experienced project managers and craftsman… An interim partnership agreement gets us started tomorrow with sales, etc. until an rmo agreement catches up. Any standard compensation agreement with some flexibility for lag time between sales and signing in the beginning will be promptly considered.

    We can start closing sales this week. Let’s get started.

  70. anyone can RMO c20 in CA out? [email protected] @gmail.com (without the space and first ‘@’)

    • Yes, anyone who holds a classification can be a qualifier on up to three corp or LLC licenses in any one year period. But you must show at least 20% ownership on the application for each license.

  71. jason jackson will you RMO for someone in san jose ca.?

  72. Jason Jackson says

    I have C10 &C36 and looking to do RMO for someone. Not my first rodeo. Done this a number of times but not current with what fees might be had. What are current rates for providing this to another firm?

  73. Mark Combs says

    I’m interested to see the proposal.

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