Custom Build your Individual Contractors Exam Study Materials Kit.  Law & Business or Trade.

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Do you only need the Law & Business kit or an individual contractors trade exam study kit?  Each kit includes a specific study manual tailored to the law & business exam or your specific trade.  You can choose between 12 months of access to our premier online practice test program or paper practice tests.  You can also choose to include lectures on cd’s or dvd’s.

What’s included:

  • Written manual that thoroughly covers the Law & Business exam or your specific trade exam
  • Optional Online Practice Exams for 12 Months
  • Optional paper practice tests
  • Math & Health/Safety Discs with most trades when selecting cd’s & dvd’s
  • FREE Application Review
  • Click here for Course Overview information
  • View each trade course summary here!

Add the following:

  • Excavation and Grading Handbook
  • Blue Print Reading Guide
  • Or Both!
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Weight64 oz
Dimensions12 × 12 × 2 in
Law/Bus or Trade

Law & Business, A-Gen Eng, B-Gen Building, C2 Insulation, C4 Boiler, C5 Framing, C6 Cabinetry, C7 Low Voltage, C8 Concrete, C9 Drywall, C10 Electrical, C11 Elevator, C12 Earthwork Paving, C13 Fencing, C15 Flooring, C16 Fire Protection, C17 Window Glazing, C20 HVAC, C21 Bldg Moving Demo, C22 Asbestos Abatement, C23 Ornamental Metal, C27 Landscaping, C28 Lock & Security, C29 Masonry, C31 Construction Zone Traffic Cntrl, C32 Parking Hwy Improvement, C33 Painting, C34 Pipeline, C35 Lathe Plaster, C36 Plumbing, C38 Refrigeration, C39 Roofing, C42 Sanitation, C43 Sheet Metal, C45 Electrical Sign, C46 Solar, C47 Manufactured Homes, C50 Reinforcing Steel, C51 Structural Steel, C53 Swimming Pools, C54 Tile, C55 Water Conditioning, C57 Water Well Drilling, C60 Welding, ASB Removal Cert, HAZ Removal Cert

Add Audio or Video Lectures

No Lectures Manual Only, w/Audio Lectures on CD's, w/Streaming Audio Lectures, w/Video Lectures on DVD's, w/Streaming Video Lectures, w/Both Audio & Video Discs, w/Both Streaming Audio & Video

Practice Exams

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