A Moment to Discuss Owner Builder Contractor Experience

The issue with using owner builder contractor experience is that the CSLB never gives you the full amount of experience time that you are submitting.

Why is that? Because they assume that you used subcontractors for some of the work performed on your property. Also, if it took you 6 months to do the framing that a framing or general contractor could do in one month, they’re not going to give you 6 months of credit. I’ve often stated that OB is not always the best route to take. But there are times when it is the only route to take. Send me an email if you’d like more info or if you have any questions.

owner builder contractor experience

Having said that…. with the new CSLB application processes in place, owner builder contractor experience may be a better way to go. As an owner builder, you may have contracts and permits in your name. This would satisfy some of the additional documentation they have been asking for lately.

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