Who can perform Solar C46 work?

Here’s the answer in a nutshell.  There are seven CSLB license classifications that can legally install photovoltaic solar energy systems.  They can include:

  • “A” – General Engineering contractors are authorized to install solar energy systems.
  • “B” – General Building contractors are authorized to install solar energy systems within the definition of B&P Code section 7057, since a solar energy system constitutes the use of two unrelated building trades or crafts.
  • C-4 – Boiler, Hot-Water Heating and Steam Fitting contractors are authorized to perform projects that include solar heating equipment associated with systems authorized by this classification.
  • C-10 – Electrical contractors are authorized to perform any solar projects that generate, transmit, transform, or utilize electrical energy in any form for any purpose.
  • C-36 – Plumbing contractors are authorized to perform any project using solar equipment to heat water or fluids to a suitable temperature.
  • C-46 – Solar contractors install, modify, maintain, and repair thermal and photovoltaic solar energy systems. A licensee in this classification shall not undertake or perform building or construction trades, crafts or skills, except when required to install a thermal or photovoltaic solar energy system.
  • C-53 – Swimming Pool contractors are authorized to install solar heating in swimming pool projects.

If you’re looking to install solar systems, or you’re looking for a contractor to install a solar system on your home or building, make sure you have the correct CSLB license classification for the job.

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How to file a complaint against the Contractors State License Board

Or as I like to call it, the… Contractors State Anti-License Board, since they seem to go out of their way to deny licenses.

Do you feel like you’ve submitted overwhelming proof of your experience, followed every ridiculous request and requirement thrown at you by the CSLB? Do you feel like all they’ve done is drag you along with multiple requests for this doc or that scrap of paper? Have you replied within the timelines they’ve set only to never hear from them until you get a letter stating they’ve denied your application? Are you tired of calling and emailing them without ever receiving a reply? Have they denied your application based on some unknown, made up, pretend law or regulation that they don’t even bother to share with you while they’re denying your application unjustly?

Well don’t feel alone! There are 100’s of applicants at any given time going through the same thing you are.

What can you do about it?

How to file a complaint against the Contractors State License Board

One thing you can do is contact your State Representative. Click here, enter your home address, then click on the Rep’s web link. They all have a “Contact” button or form on their site. Tell them how poorly you’re being treated by this State agency and how non-transparent they are. Tell them you’re mad as hell and you won’t take it anymore!

You can also file a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). I’d recommend going through your State rep and using this DCA complaint process. Click here to file your complaint with DCA. You can remain anonymous if you want, but that probably wouldn’t result in a resolution of your application.

The more pressure that is put on the CSLB either politically or internally from the department that oversees their blatant disregard for the law as written, the better! We as citizens with Rights assured to us by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are duty bound to tell our government that we don’t approve of what they’re doing!

CSLB Continues to Disregard the Law

Here we go again, more evidence that the CSLB continues to disregard the law as written.

I know, you’ve heard this from me before (just last month), but the business naming issue and the CSLB’s blatant disregard for the law has to stop. It’s time for them to put on their big boy/girl pants and stop playing in the land of make believe.

B&P Code 7059.1 clearly states:

§ 7059.1. Misleading or incompatible use of name styles

  • A licensee shall not use any business name that indicates the licensee is qualified to perform work in classifications other than those issued for that license, or any business name that is incompatible with the type of business entity licensed.

Look at this letter that was recently sent by application technician Gloria Sagario.  In her letter she states that the word “Services” cannot be used as part of their fictitious business name.  Does the word “Services” denote any classification?  I mean it must if it’s in violation of 7059.1.  If “Services” denotes a classification that is different than what the applicant was applying for (C-10 Electrical), then what is that classification? Enquiring minds want to know!

Click here to see what Dictionary.com outlines as the definition of “Services.”  I don’t see anything in there that suggests or denotes any specific California contractors license classification.  Perhaps Ms. Sagario is using the special CSLB version of a dictionary.  We already know they make up every other rule as they go, so why would we be shocked if they made up their own definitions for words in the English language.

CSLB 7059.1 Guide to Business Naming Rules
How the CSLB rolls!

Obviously, she’s stating as a matter of fact that the word “Services” specifically describes contractors.  I guess everyone else who provides “Services” should look for a different word.  There are internet services, catering services, dog walking services, dry cleaning services, package delivery services.  Someone needs to tell them that the CSLB has determined that that word refers to a yet-to-be-disclosed contractor’s license classification and that they are no longer allowed to use that word.

Obviously the CSLB is continuing to create, modify, make-up, pull out of thin air their own special rules and regulations… and now word definitions.

Perhaps the Great and Powerful CSLB Oracle will step out from behind the curtain, grace us with their presence and bestow upon us their galactic wisdom and consciousness. They obviously think that everyone outside the walls of their building are complete morons, buffoons, idiots and are beneath them. And how dare we question their perspicacity of wisdom?!

We The People are in charge here!  Not the government, and certainly not the CSLB!


During the writing of this blog post I heard from another applicant who is being told he needs a DBA. He’s applying for the C-54 and has Tile and Stone in his corp name. The CSLB says no… need a DBA because he can’t use Tile and Stone in the corp name. Even though Tile and Stone are specifically cited in their own description of the classification.

CSLB Certification Requirement

Here we go again on the make stuff up as we go merry go-round! What the law states is different than what they do. The CSLB certification requirement of work experience rules have a new twist.

Here’s the latest… I have a client who has obtained experience all over the world. He’s extremely qualified and I’m sure very talented.

Per one of the many other fabricated cslb rules, his overseas experience certifiers signatures must be notarized. One period of his experience was in Europe, but his certifier (who has first hand knowledge of that experience) now lives in the southern hemisphere. You would think no big deal. His certifier has moved, so his address on the certification form is in a different country from where they both worked at that time. No big deal… right? WRONG!!!

The cslb sent him a letter stating that the certifier must have an address in the same country as where the experience was obtained. Uh… What? Who? How? Says who?!?! Here is the text taken directly from the cslb tech’s letter:

Straight from the horses mouth!

For out-of-country experience, the Certification of Work Experience form must be certified in the country of origin. “

No section of law quoted, no regulation stated, just a straight up statement of… you must do this! Seriously?!?! What’s next… you must provide a blood sample?!? Give me a break!

Here’s the statement taken directly from the cslb law book regarding the certifier. You’ll notice that it says nothing about where the certifier must live or that his signature must be notarized.

What the law actually says:

“All experience claims must be verified by a qualified and responsible person, such as a homeowner, an employer, fellow employee, other journeyman, contractor, union representative, building inspector, architect, engineer, business associate, or a client if the applicant is/was self-employed. The person verifying your experience must have firsthand knowledge of your experience during the time period covered—that is, he or she must have observed the work that you have done and must complete and sign under penalty of perjury the “Certification of Work Experience” form, which is included with the application.”

“Under penalty of perjury” means absolutely nothing?! No… the certifier must live in the same place as where the experience was obtained… THAT’S the important thing here!! What a joke!

Wish I may, wish I might, wish upon a star tonight!

At some point, somehow, somewhere, someone has to put these people in check. I mean seriously… Who the F do they think they are!?! Is the certifier not allowed to move out of the country?! Amazing how the cslb thinks they can now dictate where a certifier MUST live!

CSLB Certification Requirement Frustration

Lies Lies… and a few more Lies

Update: Dec. 6/2019

The CSLB told an applicant that he must use a DBA with four specific words in it. They told the applicant that he could only use those four words without changes or alterations. So here we go again… the cslb crossing the line between state agency and dictatorship.

Continuing with the original post…

If there is one thing the cslb is good at is lying. Well that’s not totally accurate, they’re also good at not licensing qualified applicants, jerking applicants around, taking your money, making up the rules as they go, etc. etc.

Here’s the latest lie.

The cslb has stated in public that they do not require a fictitious business name (FBN), aka: a “DBA”, if the business name does not denote anything construction related. They literally said that they don’t care what you call your business, but if its construction related then they’ll hit you with B&P Code 7059.1.

§ 7059.1. Misleading or incompatible use of name styles

  • A licensee shall not use any business name that indicates the licensee is qualified to perform work in classifications other than those issued for that license, or any business name that is incompatible with the type of business entity licensed.

Here’s an example, and how it was explained to me at a cslb meeting earlier this year, if your business name is 123Main, Inc., a DBA is not required.  But if your business name is 123Main Contractors, they’ll ask for a DBA that is directly related to the trade classification you’re applying for.

Seems fairly straight forward, right?!

Well… that’s a lie! I’ve spoken to several applicants recently whose business names are as vague as 123Main, Inc. and they’re being asked, required, forced, pressured, to provide a DBA.  No DBA, no license.

CSLB Lie Detector Test

So, which is it cslb!?!?  You don’t care if the business name is vague and non-construction related, or you’re requiring every single applicant to provide a dba that doesn’t fit into your little box of what’s acceptable and what’s not?

I know that over the years I have posted about business names, it’s just that this one issue really annoys me.  It’s like that piece of popcorn kernel that gets wedged between your teeth just as the movie starts and you have to deal with it for the next two hours.  Just bugs the crap out of me that a State agency has the legal right to tell you what and how you can name your business.  Hell… I’m surprised they haven’t told me what I can name my business!  They seem to think they have authority to do whatever they want!

So once again, the cslb isn’t following the law as written or even standing by their statements made in public. Just more lies. Shocker!!

CSLB Owner Builder Experience

Let’s talk about CSLB owner builder experience for a moment.

CSLB Owner Builder Experience

Since the CSLB has once again become the Soup Nazi’s (Seinfeld reference) of State licensing, many people are asking if their owner builder experience is enough to get them to the B General Building exam room.

The answer is a big fat maybe.  The problem is that owner builder experience is also heavily scrutinized. They will require permits for each project to verify the framing component.  If you did not pull permits, it is very likely they will not give you any credit for that experience.

They’ll also require that you submit a certification of work experience form (part of the license application) for each project, and an Owner-Builder B General Building Construction Project Experience form for each project.  Click here to view the form.

But wait, there’s more…

They will look at how much of the work you performed yourself and how much of the work was done by other contractors, sub-contractors, and laborers.

But that’s not all…

They’ll also determine (using some secret imaginary formula) how long it would have taken a licensed contractor to perform the same work.  Here are the unknown factors to this secret formula: 1) how long has the imaginary contractor been building houses, 2) does he use imaginary laborers to perform the work, 3) and if so, how many imaginary laborers is he using?  No one knows, which makes their formula and resulting determination sketchy at best!

Many owner builders do most of the work by themselves and bring in contractors to perform, let’s say, pouring the foundation, or installing an electrical panel, or connecting the city power to the house, but the cslb has been known to heavily discount, if not deny it all together, a persons experience because of this.  Seem fair? Of course not.  The cslb doesn’t do fair.  They do, well, basically, whatever the hell they want.

The fine print…

So how many owner builder projects must have you completed in order to qualify for the ever increasingly elusive B General Building contractors license exam??  The cslb has publicly stated that they want to see at least four (4) owner builder projects completed per year for a four (4) year period. That’s 16 owner builder houses in four years.

Is this possible?  Yes, but only for the serious house flipper.  And not for the person who buys a house, lives it in while flipping it during his spare time, then sells it and starts anew with another house.

So there you have it, the cslb owner builder experience nightmare in a nut shell.