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cslb racially profiling

CSLB Racially Profiling

Is the CSLB Racially Profiling Asian Applicants? A source inside the CSLB told me that they (license application technicians) have been instructed to “racially profile” applications submitted by persons with Asian last names. They’ve been told to give additional scrutiny to these applications and to request additional verification of their work experience. It seems they (CSLB …

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New “Handyman License” issued by the Contractors State License Board!

That is what I would like to see on the CSLB’s web page. New Handyman License Issued! Think about it, the current law permits “unlicensed contractors” the ability to perform jobs that are $500 or less for labor and materials. By law, they have to advertise as “unlicensed contractors.” But, by law, they don’t have …

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unlicensed contractors in california

Is the CSLB creating a new Underground Economy?

With the recent changes to the Contractors State License Board’s (CSLB) application processes, they may be inadvertently creating a new underground economy. Earlier this year they began asking nearly all applicants, if not all, for the A-General Engineering, B-General Building, C-10 Electrician, and C-36 Plumber classifications for additional proof of their experience. They have been …

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make a list

Contractors License Experience Outline

I wanted to take a few moments to discuss the importance of creating a properly formatted California Contractors License experience outline. For every trade, there are a few keywords the CSLB application technician is looking for. For the B classification, they want to see framing and at least two unrelated trades listed. What I see too …

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A Moment to Discuss Owner Builder Contractor Experience

The issue with using owner builder contractor experience is that the CSLB never gives you the full amount of experience time that you are submitting. Why is that? Because they assume that you used subcontractors for some of the work performed on your property. Also, if it took you 6 months to do the framing that …

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How do I get my contractors license in California

Young Journeyman

Q. What’s a young journeyman? A. An applicant who is usually less than 25 yrs of age. Being tagged as a young journeyman can be a huge hurdle to overcome. The Contractors State License Board will make the applicant jump thru many hoops to prove their experience.The problem in proving your experience lies in the …

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cslb strikes again

The CSLB Strikes Again!

The CSLB Strikes Again with its over-stepping of power. Is it incompetence? Does the right hand not know what the left is doing? Is there information that you/me/us/the applicant aren’t being told? How is it that someone has to put down $300 onto a State agency roulette table and hope that their number DOESN’T come …

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Beware of Guarantee's

Contractors License Schools

Many contractors license schools offer guarantees. Who should you believe? I found an interesting blog post today put out by one of my competitors. What’s interesting about it is that the whole post is basically and advertisement for their company wrapped in a neat little “information” wrapper. Now, I’m not saying that what was written …

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As I’ve discussed before, the Contractors State License Board CSLB has begun a very progressive approach to verifying trade experience. It’s come to my attention that the licensing exam unit at the CSLB has been instructed to begin calling employers and certifiers to verify experience. The exam unit was told this last Friday, 4/5/13. What …

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advertising sign

Contractor Adversiting Rules 5/15/2013​

I was recently asked if a corporate license using a DBA can advertise with just the DBA. My answer was yes. As long as the public can find your license information on the CSLB website by searching the DBA, you are in compliance with the rule. Remember, your license number must be included in ALL …

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CSLB “Anti Self-Employed Experience” Campaign

Looks like the Contractors State License Board is continuing to single out applicants using self-employed experience to obtain their California contractors license. I hear from someone almost on a daily basis who received a letter from a CSLB license tech asking for additional proof of their experience. Mostly these poor souls find me on …

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Illegal Contractors Advertising on Internet Still Being Caught in Los Angeles Area CSLB Stings 6/20/13

SACRAMENTO – Three more illegal contractors were caught in a Rolling Hills Estates undercover sting operation just one month after the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) arrested eight individuals who were contracting without required state licenses and other legal infractions in the same location. CSLB’s Statewide Investigative Fraud Team (SWIFT) conducted the one-day sting in …

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Contractors State License Board meeting, Sacramento, CA. 9/16/13

I attended the CSLB Board meeting today and here are a few note worthy items. 1) The CSLB is working with the Highway Patrol to educate some officers on contractors license law. It’s currently a pilot program, but if you are pulled over and have a truck full of construction materials, the officer may ask …

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