How to fill out the CSLB License Application Pages 2-4

How to fill out the CSLB License Application Pages 2-4

Section 4

On this page will be listed any officers, managers/members, partners, or limited partners that are not acting as the license qualifier that is listed in Section 3 on page 1 of the application.

As I mentioned in my Page 1 outline, all officers or managers/members who are listed on the corporation or LLC record with the Secretary of State must be listed in Section 4.

Regarding corporations, an individual can hold all three officer’s titles. They include President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Or different people can hold a title or two.  However, your corporation is structured, the officer positions and titles must match what is listed with the Secretary of State.

Any deviation from this will result in your application being returned for corrections and a delay in the processing of your application.

How to fill out the CSLB License Application Section 4

Section 5

These two sections contain questions that are fairly straight forward.

#10 Do you have any unsatisfied liens or judgments against you?

#11 Have you ever received a citation, denial, suspension or revocation in CA or any other state.

#12 Do you have any outstanding taxes, workers comp, interest or penalties that are unpaid. Child support is also included in this question.

#13 Always answered Yes!  Provide a No answer and your app will be rejected.

#14 This question is only answered if the qualifier is an RME (Responsible Managing Employee). If an RME is listed, then this question is always answered Yes.

#15 Do you need a translator in the exam room with you?

How to fill out the CSLB License Application Section 5

Section 6

#16 Have you completed an apprenticeship program that is directly related to the trade you’re applying for?  Of do you have a four year or higher degree?  Any four year degree will give you 18 months credit toward the 48 month minimum CSLB requirement.  You’ll only get 24 months credit if your four year degree is directly related and up to 36 months credit if your advanced degree is directly related to the trade being applied for.  i.e. a degree in mechanical engineering would be worth 24-36 months credit.

#17 This question only pertains to those who have held a license in Arizona, Nevada, or Louisiana for at least five out of the previous seven years. And are applying for a classification that California has a reciprocity agreement with.  If this applies to you, then you won’t have to take a trade exam, but you will have to take the California law and business test.

#18 You should only submit your DD214 if you are applying for a trade for which you have corresponding experience in while serving this great country.  Or, if you’re applying for a new sole owner license.  If it’s the latter, then your application will be expedited. There is no veteran expediting service, at the moment, for any other business entity type other than a sole owner.

#19 Again, this only applies to a sole owner applicant. I’ve never seen anyone check this question Yes.

#20 This applies to immigrants who fall into these specific categories.

How to fill out the CSLB License Application Section 6

If you have any questions or need an application reviewed please use my contact form below.

Click here for help with page 1 of the CSLB license application.

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