Corporate Kits Seals and Stock Certificates

The License Guru also offers Corporate and LLC Kits Seals and Stock Certificates!

Corporate Kits Seals Stock Certificates
Only $95.00 plus tax


All corporations and LLC’s are required to keep a company “minute book”. Organize your new or existing company the right way with the best in Corporate and LLC Kits.

These attractive, custom-made kits are invaluable in keeping your Corporate Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Stock Certificates and records organized properly and efficiently.

Includes: Company name gold-embossed on spine, 3-ring binder, slipcase, 20 Stock Certificates (or Member Certificates), Corporate or LLC seal (with engraved company name) , sample Bylaws (or Operating Agreement) and Minutes, Stock Transfer Ledger (or Member Ledger) and mylar-coated index tabs.

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Note: This kit is for existing corporations or LLC’s only. You can also purchase this kit when you form a corporation of LLC. Click here for more information.

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