As I’ve discussed before, the Contractors State License Board CSLB has begun a very progressive approach to verifying trade experience.

It’s come to my attention that the licensing exam unit at the CSLB has been instructed to begin calling employers and certifiers to verify experience. The exam unit was told this last Friday, 4/5/13.

What does this mean? You better have your ducks in a row and have back up verification of your experience.

Per the CSLB rules: They do not visit worksites, they won’t accept photos of your work, the burden of proof is on you, the applicant… and here’s my favorite part…The CSLB states that the exam tells them if you know your trade.


So, if they call you or your employer or your certifier, you have to be able to provide verifiable evidence of your experience. Here’s the fun part…the CSLB states: “All experience claims must be verified by a qualified and responsible person, such as a homeowner, an employer, fellow employee, other journeymen, contractor, union representative, building inspector, architect, or engineer. The person verifying your claim must have firsthand knowledge of your experience during the time period covered—that is, he or she must have observed the work that you have completed and must complete the Certification of Work Experience form included with the application.​

Even if you provide a Certification of Work Experience form, be prepared to furnish documentation of any experience you claim on the form when such documentation is requested. Failure to provide this documentation will result in rejection of your application or denial of the license.”

What they are not telling you is that, even if you follow the certifier instructions, and even though that certifier is signing under the penalty of perjury, they (the cslb) are still going to call your employer or certifier to verify your experience. My question is… why bother having someone certify your experience in the first place? If daddy is going to check up on you anyway, what’s the point? And if the exam tells them whether or not you know your trade, why have certifiers and why call them?

What is the down side for some of you? You may be applying without your employer knowing that you are applying. Why, because your employer may not appreciate the fact that you are trying to obtain your own license. And when the CSLB comes calling, the employer is going to find out about your application and your job could be in jeopardy. Thanks CSLB.

Does the CSLB care about this little fact? Of course not. Their concern is not your livelihood, your well being, or your ability to earn a living and to feed your family. It never has been. Their “prime directive” if you will, is to ensure that licenses are issued to qualified persons.

Do I agree with their unpublished, unannounced ruling to begin calling employers and certifiers? No! Their own rule states that the exam tells them if you know the trade. So what they are doing basically cutting off the hand that feeds them. If they allow you to take the test and issue you a license, the CSLB will be earning renewal fees for years. By finding ways to keep you from getting your license, they are limiting their ability to generate funds.

Typical CSLB, they make up stupid rules without thinking about the consequences.

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