CSLB self-employed project list

CSLB self-employed project list

UPDATE January 28, 2019

The cslb is requiring that ALL self employed B-General Building applicants provide the project list forms AND PERMITS!!!!

If you provide a project list form and there is NO PERMIT accompanying it, the cslb will NOT give you credit for that experience!

Seems just about the time they are moving forward, they go out of their way to find another way to deny people.  They’re not in the licensing business, they’re in the denial business.

I just waiting for someone wearing a crown to walk out on the balcony and shout … LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!

NOTICE… CSLB self-employed project list forms now required!CSLB self-employed project list target

That’s what I just heard from within the CSLB.

The CSLB is asking applicants who apply for the B-General Building license classification using self-employed experience to also complete project list forms to prove their experience.

Self-employed experience has been accepted by the CSLB for many many years, but they’ve never really liked it. If they had their way, the only acceptable experience would be that of an employee of a contractor. But that’s not realistic.

So, what do they do? In recent years, they created their profiling list and targeted specific classifications. Now they’re asking applicants to complete who knows how many project list forms, the CSLB won’t say, to cover the minimum four years of experience.

These CSLB self-employed project list forms can be labor intensive because the applicant must go back years to find the information required. How big was the project, how long was the project, how many contractors, sub-contractors, and laborers were used? If the applicant kept poor or no records of the work they’ve done, the task becomes even more daunting. Which then only leaves the applicant with the option of withdrawing their application, or “creating” the experience on the form. Here’s a secret… (which makes this process a complete joke) the cslb has no way to verify that the experience on the form is true and accurate, so someone could create project list forms that would make them sound like the world’s best contractor.

We all know the CSLB is a consumer protection agency, and they’ve always taken the side of the consumer by placing restrictions on those who wish to obtain a license. But to ask B-general building license applicants to jump through this hoop is a bit extreme. I don’t believe they ask C-10 electrical applicants, or C-20 HVAC applicants to complete and provide this form. So, it begs the question, is the CSLB truly looking to protect the consumer? Or just target specific applicants… again?!

Click here to view the CSLB self-employed project list form.


I am a Navy vet and former laborer for a B-Gen Bldg contractor, I built mobile homes for many years, I worked at the Contractors State License Board for 5 yrs, and have been operating a contractors license service company since 2005.

16 thoughts on “CSLB self-employed project list”

  1. I have owned multiple residential rental property for 30 years, I do all my own work, roofing, plumping, electrical, Sheetrock, flooring, painting, well you get the picture. Good or bad I rarely pull permits for the work I do, and have never had an issue.
    I’m now looking to get a “B” contractor license, so I can do work outside my rental property.. as I’m now selling rentals and have time to do other work.
    Any suggestions on how I could substantiate work experience to the satisfaction of the review board in my particular situation?

    I have an engineering degree, but not in the construction related field.


    1. I think it will be difficult for you to qualify for the B license because the cslb will want to see permits that include framing. Without framing experience that can be verified with permits, the chances of you qualifying for the license goes from slim to none.

  2. Patrick Martin

    I have recently applied for my plumbing license ask to prove experience which I was told they would accept shedule c and invoice plus a form for each invoice which I provided roughly 1500 forms for four year the void my app due to it appears I don’t have enough experience what can I do. Can I appeal this ? And how do I go about it?

        1. Yes. When you receive the official denial letter from the cslb in the mail, it should have instructions on how to appeal that decision. The appeal process can take 6-8 months, and no matter the outcome of the administrative hearing, you will always have that denial associated with your name in the cslb records.

          1. Patrick Martin

            So sounds like no matter what the best time I apply I will be put through the wringer and have a denial next to my name? So no harm and appealing correct?

          2. Your other option is to withdraw the application before it gets denied. You’ll still have to go thru the wringer, but you won’t have the denial on your or have to wait (usually a year) before you can apply again.

          3. Patrick Martin

            Sorry last question I swear so the app is voided and I can eaither appeal or withdrawal how do I withdraw if I choose?

  3. Again got screwed by cslb. First 4years ago when I applied and had 2 contractors willing to sign off on my experience but those guys paid under the table we had the contractors licencing school approve and send in our application. Of course cslb said that our application got flagged, the old 3%bull, and of course no pay stubs no proof in taxes so out $300 bucks for us. So I go out and work for a company where the owner, I helped build his house, hired me to fix and remodel his whole business complex I remodel his rental properties and built steel structures. I had 3 and as half years on the books with the company I was in charge of ordering material and kept that proof. I had 10 months with a business associate who I helped remodel 3 of her rental properties. Not only that but I am 43 and have been doing construction for 20 years. I was prepared for their barrage of inquiries I had proof this time. Sent in my application did not use the school this time and got a letter back stating they want 4 years of projects completed. That the guy I worked for was not a contractor and he did not count so if I send in the 4 years of projects completed it will be considered but they want permit numbers on every project. Well low and behold i pulled zero permits, so sorry was all they said not even a thank you for your $330. I have worked half my life doing construction I just want a piece of the pie. Is there any lawsuits against this gang for stealing peoples money and having a large amount of denials of licenses, if not I would like to start one.

    1. Hi Derrick,

      I’m sorry to hear about you all too typical experience with the cslb. Over the last 6 months or so they’ve made it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a self employed B applicant to obtain a license. You could have the worlds best contractor certify your experience, or your 90 yr old grandmother and it wouldn’t make a difference. It’s all about what you can prove on paper. Completed construction project lists and permits. That’s all they care about.

      You could file a complaint with your Calif. State Representative, but it wouldn’t move the cslb. You could file a lawsuit, but the cslb will cover their actions with any part of the licensing law they can find to justify their actions.

      On a good note, they’re looking into a new classification (again) where there will be no framing requirement to qualify and you could take on jobs that have at least two unrelated trade.

  4. I just fell into the same situation and I, fortunately, have 11 projects I worked on during the 4 years required. What I am doing is pulling the online permits from Los Angeles building and safety and will submit those. The contractor who certified my experience is on those permits but I was self-employed because I was working with the owner of those properties who was a developer.

    I also have pictures but not sure I should print and submit those. What do you think?

    Do you see any issues with submitting the Project Experience in this way?

    Thank you!

  5. My husband recently applied for his B general license. He filed as self employed and filled out 8 project list forms. 2 years count for his bachelors and 2 years using the project list forms. He provided contracts, estimates, and canceld checks along with the forms. The file was over one hundred pages. They recently sent his application back for a “correction” stating he needs to provide permits for all jobs. According to the school he went to this has never been the case. On the cslb website and lititure it never states anything about requiring permits. Have heard of this? Do you have any options? Thank you for your help and time.

    1. This is their new hot button issue… they’re asking everyone who submits self employed experience for permits. Were any permits pulled on the work that was done? Even buy the property owner? They might accept that.

      It’s another tactic to keep people from getting licensed in the B trade. I don’t think there is anything you can do without permits.

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