CSLB Racially Profiling

CSLB Racially Profiling

Is the CSLB Racially Profiling Asian Applicants?

cslb racially profilingA source inside the CSLB told me that they (license application technicians) have been instructed to “racially profile” applications submitted by persons with Asian last names. They’ve been told to give additional scrutiny to these applications and to request additional verification of their work experience.

It seems they (CSLB management) believe that Asian applicants tend to “lie” more often than other nationalities when submitting contractor experience. That is what my source was told during a meeting recently. Let’s put this under the category of… “You’ve got to be kidding me!!”

This is in addition to changing their process earlier this year to request additional proof of experience of all B-General Building, A-General Engineering, C-10 Electrician, and C-36 Plumbing contractors.

Why, or how, is it possible for a California State agency to get away with such blatant disregard for the law? They (the CSLB, specifically managers in the Licensing Department) believe that they can act with immunity and do whatever they want, all under the veil of their interpretation of California Law. In some cases, they do have the law behind them, but in this case… “profiling”… there is no law they can cite that would justify this outrageous act.

What I do agree with

I do agree that they have the legal right to pull a minimum of 3% of all applications received for a secondary review. But they’ve decided to request additional proof from all A, B, C-10, C36 apps and others. I and others do not feel as though this type of targeting is within the law.

Now they’re profiling specific ethnic groups! They’ve gone off the deep end and someone needs to pull in on the reigns before it really gets ugly.

Whistleblower Hotline

I asked my source why someone doesn’t call the State’s whistleblower hotline. I was told they are afraid they’d lose their jobs. Even though it’s supposed to be anonymous, they don’t feel safe enough.

Maybe a call to the local TV station or newspaper? Maybe a call to this area’s State Assemblyman? There must be some way to stop the racial profiling!

whistleblower hotline

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I am a Navy vet and former laborer for a B-Gen Bldg contractor, I built mobile homes for many years, I worked at the Contractors State License Board for 5 yrs, and have been operating a contractors license service company since 2005.

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