CSLB Criminal Conviction Rules

CSLB Criminal Conviction Rules

Do you have a recent conviction and want to know how the CSLB criminal conviction rules affect you?

The CSLB states:

“Applicants with criminal convictions are not automatically denied licensure, as each application is
reviewed individually based on the applicable sections of law. When reviewing criminal convictions,
CSLB considers factors such as the nature and severity of the crimes, the amount of time that has
passed since the convictions, and any evidence of rehabilitation submitted by the applicant.

For rehabilitation evaluation, pursuant to the California Code of Regulations §869, CSLB is generally
looking for three (3) years to have passed after a misdemeanor conviction and seven (7) years to
have passed after a felony conviction, without further violations of law. These timeframes are
calculated from the applicant’s date of release from incarceration or from the end of probation if no
time was served and are subject to reduction or extension based on several factors, including the
nature of the applicant’s conviction history as a whole. In addition, any type of conviction could be
considered substantially related to the qualifications or duties of a contractor when evaluated in the
context of the applicant’s entire conviction record.”

What if you had a DUI conviction within the last three years? Does that disqualify you from a license? Not necessarily. You should call the CBU to find out if you can qualify.

What if you are on parole and not probation.  Parole will not preclude you from getting a license.  Having said that, the reason why you’re on parole might keep you from being licensed.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me using my contact form below.

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