CSLB Closing Due to Covid

CSLB Closing Due to Covid

Deja vu all over again. Thanks to our glorious Governor, the CSLB is closing due to covid.

This shutdown is for three weeks, probably longer knowing how Newsom operates, which means that all CSLB facilities including testing centers will be closed for the foreseeable future.

The front counter at the CSLB HQ will also be closed. No submitting applications, paying for renewals, picking up renewal forms, etc etc. Everything will have to be done through the mail. UPDATE… CSLB front doors are open. There is a lock box on the security desk if you need to drop something off for processing.

If you need to mail something to the cslb, here is their address.

I hope everyone stays safe out there, or in your house because where are we going to go, and I hope your businesses survive this stupendous ending to an awesome year! wink wink

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