CSLB Application Processing Procedures & Stats

CSLB Application Processing Procedures & Stats

CSLB Application Processing Procedures were discussed at a recent meeting.

Below is part of a powerpoint presentation given at the 10/21/13 Licensing Committee Meeting where they discuss their “new” cslb application processing procedures. It seems to me that the more they try to explain away their decision to profile certain applicants and trades, the more it seems like they are failing at covering their backsides.

There are now 8 classifications that they have determined to be “critical.” Thus, triggering their new application processing procedures. They are: A-Gen Eng, B-Gen Building, C-10 Electrical, C-16 Fire Protection, C-20 HVAC, C-36 Plumbing, C-38 Refrigeration, and C-57 Water Well Drilling.

cslb application processing procedures

I’m wondering why the C-39 Roofing classification isn’t on the list? They are now required to carry workers comp. Are any of the other trades listed required to carry workers comp? That answer would be… No. What about the C-2 Insulation classification. If not done properly, there could be mold issues. Doesn’t that affect consumer’s health and safety? And how many C-57 license applications do they receive a year? 5? All of this wreaks of arbitrary, back room decisions. How did they come up with this list? Put all the trades in a hat and do a random draw?

Slide #2:

Critical Classifications

– License Classifications Where Work Done is Directly Connected to Consumers’ Health & Safety

Slide #6

Applicant’s Experience

All Applications are Reviewed for Experience

• In Critical Classifications, CSLB Verifies All Questionable Experience

How does the CSLB determine what is “questionable” experience? If it’s in the proper format, lists all the key words they’re looking for, what makes it “questionable.” I haven’t found anything on the CSLB website that defines “questionable.” There are many in this industry who would appreciate a more detailed explanation as to how, or why, these application processing procedures were put in to place.

There are more slides that raise a red flag for me. I’ll highlight those in another post. 

Jan-Aug 2013 Statistics Average per Month  Percentage
Applications Received 2,059
Questionable Experience Applications Pulled for Review 196 9.5%
Out of Average of 196 Applications Pulled per Month:    
Experience Verified/Applications Posted 21 10.7%
Applications Voided/Withdrawn 67 34.2%
Applications Sent to Formal Enforcement Division Investigation 74 37.8%
Applications Waiting Additional Information 34 17.3%


 If you’d like to see the entire PP presentation contained in the CSLB meeting packet, click here. CommitteeMeetingPacket20131021


I am a Navy vet and former laborer for a B-Gen Bldg contractor, I built mobile homes for many years, I worked at the Contractors State License Board for 5 yrs, and have been operating a contractors license service company since 2005.

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