Individual Study Kit w/Online Practice Exams

Build your Individual Study Kit with Online Practice Exams. Kit includes materials for the Law/Business Exam OR 1 Trade Exam & Full Access to the Online Practice Exams for 12 months.

This kit is under $225.00…including tax and shipping!

The Manual includes:

  • Practice Tests on paper
  • Online Practice Exams for 12 Months
  • Math & Health/Safety Discs with most trades

Add the following:

  • Audio Lectures on CDs
  • Video Lectures on DVDs
  • Or Both!

Add Audio or Video Lectures
Enter Trade or Law/Bus Here:

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Contractors License Guru Study Materials image2Plus Free Digital Bonus Material to give your Contractor’s License Career a head start!

  • Contracting for Success
  • Blueprint for Getting Licensed
  • Building Your Career as a Contractor
  • Guide to Contractors License Bonds
  • Contractors License Law and Reference Book
  • Advertising Guidelines
  • Asbestos Open Book Exam
  • Industry Expert Program
  • Information about Stop Orders


Hi Phil,
Passed both the C10 and Law today using your study materials. They were perfect. Thanks again.


If you are having difficulty with a particular portion of the exams, one of our “Basics” lectures may be of help. These lectures are only available on DVD because the instruction relies heavily on visual diagrams.

Basic Construction Math 1 & 2 ~ Basic Electrical Theory ~ Basic HVAC Theory

Basic Construction Math, Parts 1 & 2 (approx 120 min):

A much more in-depth review than the “Math Review” tape that accompanies most trades. The lecture covers basic arithmetic, decimals, fractions, percentages, units of measurement, unit conversions, and the fundamentals of geometry and algebra.

Basic Electrical Theory (approx 60 min):

Intended for students who will be facing electrical problems on their exam, and are unfamiliar with the calculations involved. General Building, General Engineering, C-11, C-20, C-27, C-38, C-45, C-46, and C-53 students who are having trouble with the electrical questions in their practice exams should watch this lecture.

Basic HVAC Theory (approx 60 min):

Excellent supplementary material for C-20 and C-38 students, but could also help General Engineering, General Building, C-2, C-36, and C-46 students as well.


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