Contractor Talk Post

Contractor Talk Post

Wow…. here’s a post/question/comment/complaint I received in the ContractorTalk Forum. I’m am so floored by how the CSLB is treating applicants, I’m beside myself. Read on…

Phil – I think you’re right about flagging Asian last names. As I explained to you in my private message, I’m being asked for all kinds of documentation for my Class B. And, I have an Asian last name. Go figure.

They didn’t take my business classes, algebra, advanced math or my CA real estate license and appraisal courses into consideration at all. First I was told that they can’t call my employer out of state, so they want 1099’s and check stubs. Fine. Sent them. The Licensee Deputy approves and then they send me to an Experience analyst. She tells me that the 1099’s are useless, because I, “could have earned the money doing anything”. So why did you ask me to hunt down an old, handicapped prior employer 3,000 miles away to get the darn things?

She tells me that my application shows c6 work and not Class B. She sends me a form asking if I want to withdraw my application. I emailed Andrea S. and asked her since when cantilevering decks, framing additions, siding and roof work is millwork. She said it was millwork and not general building! How ’bout that? She asks me to provide permits and contracts. I explain that as a journeyman employee I’m not required to have either, and that legally my contractor employer isn’t even required to keep those docs for more than 3 years. They then asked for client contacts, which I don’t have as an employee.

She says that I need to go back to the elderly, sick employer 3,000 miles away and get a notarized letter from him outlying my duties. I included hours worked, duties by year for the 10 years through apprenticeship (4yrs) and journeyman level (6 years). What else should he document in the letter?

I do think I’m being targeted. When I explained that I felt that shuffling me from department to department for 10 months now is excessive, and I don’t understand why they ask for documentation that they then tell me they can’t use (like the 1099’s and pay stubs), I’m told that I need permits and the notarized letter from my certifier. Wasn’t his certification enough? No, because he was a foreman and not a contractor. Again, I have no legal reason to have permits as a journeyman. I think they just don’t want to license me – possibly because I’m Asian.

I even included letters from people who can verify that I’ve done extensive work on my own homes. I offered to send in 200 material receipts to verify the work and was told that they weren’t needed. What else can I send in to help with this?

contractor talk post

My reply:

I may actually be speechless!!! Oh wait… no I’m not.

Your experience with the cslb just floors me!! How incompetent can one state agency be? Seriously?!? You give them what they ask for, what they have listed in their ridiculous list of acceptable items, then tell you they won’t accept them. I truly wonder (often) why the patients are running the asylum!

My advice is to contact your State Representative! Show the rep the letter the cslb gave you with the options. Show the rep what you provided, per their list, and show the rep the response you received from the cslb.

It has been pointed out to the Board, directly, that the licensing unit is asking for docs that most applicants aren’t required by law to need or obtain. Yet, they keep asking for them. Then they have the nerve to reject those docs.

I wish I had proof in hand that the cslb is profiling Asian applicants, but they are just smart enough not to have put anything in writing… as far as I’m aware. I was just told that the license techs were verbally told to pull apps with Asian last names. So suggesting to a State Rep that you’re being profiled would most likely be flat out rejected by the cslb. For me… I’d mention it anyway. Let the cslb hear the accusation so they know what they’re doing is out in the public.

Like I said… I was almost speechless.

If you feel you’ve received biased, unfair, ridiculous treatment from the CSLB, let them know about it. Submit this form. CSLB Client Services Complaint Form

via California Licensing – Page 70 – Contractor Licensing – Contractor Talk.


I am a Navy vet and former laborer for a B-Gen Bldg contractor, I built mobile homes for many years, I worked at the Contractors State License Board for 5 yrs, and have been operating a contractors license service company since 2005.

13 thoughts on “Contractor Talk Post”

  1. Any idea where I am at in the process?

    Application is pending

    04/07/2020 – APP IN CALL BACK FOLDER-48 HOURS
    04/14/2020 – APPLICATION POSTED
    04/15/2020 – NOTICE TO APPEAR FOR EXM 07/06/2020
    07/31/2020 – APP SENT TO EXAM UNIT

    1. Hi Josh,

      The last comment could result in … who knows what. I don’t know why the app would be sent to the exam unit after you’ve passed the tests, so that comment is odd. Also, I haven’t seen them ask for proof of experience after the tests have been passed, but I wouldn’t put it past them. Hopefully they’ll send you the Bond and Fee letter asking for the bond, workers comp, etc. and your app will move closer to issuance.

      1. Update: Just got license issued. Thought I would update. There was a simple mistake on inputting a wrong name on the experience form. We put the certifier name were the qualifier name was suppose to be. So all good. Thanks for all the help and good luck to you all.

  2. Not to mention there is a pattern when he does not have workman’s comp but he is doing 40 to 60 calls a day how would he be doing that many service calls a day with just himself there is no way a tech can barely handle 10 a day

  3. We already have some documentation from the parts houses with Joey’s name signed off on the parts that he picked up Joey is a brother that was employed for his brother Michael is the one who owns the business we have that documentation plus we have signed affidavits and notarized from former employees who Joey trained as service manager do you think we have any leg to stand on in this we are also getting information and notes from the insurance companies with Joey’s name from those years

    1. You’ll want to throw anything and everything you can at the cslb. There is the possibility that the cslb could flat out deny the app if Michael says Joey wasn’t an employee.

  4. I have a app in with Cslb, so let me explain from the beginning. My cousin got his contractor license in 2013 well he hired his brother to help run the business. He signed contract with insurance company and started getting business right away. The only thing is he paid his brother in cash almost three years and finally put him on payroll. Well I also started working for him eventually and just got fired because my cousin found out the his brother and I have a app in with Cslb. Anyway now he is protesting our application saying his brother never worked for him in the beginning. Hmmmm so now I’m running around like a chicken trying to gather information on how to prove his brother did in fact work for him from the beginning. Sense they did go through insurance companies I’m trying to gather info with signatures on it driving he worked any advice. Oh also the whole time he was paying his brother cash he was telling him he had 1099 but he lied. Now cslb wants proof of work

    1. That is a tough spot. If the brother doesn’t have 1099’s or any other proof that he worked for his brother, and the licensed brother is telling the cslb that he never worked for him, the chances of his application getting through the cslb are slim to none. The brother with the license is probably concerned that he’ll get in hot water for having an employee and not carrying workers comp insurance.

      1. Ok i got michael to spill the beans on stating joseph di in fact work four years on a text message and i did send it to cslb. along with invoices from parts houses witch he signed for and also 2 notarized letters from other employees that worked at that time. what do you think?

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