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The Green Law Group Presents:

AUGUST 25, 2015
  • The difference between exempt and non-exempt employees
  • When can project managers and superintendents be exempt from overtime
  • When can you use different wage rates for travel time
  • When do you have to reimburse employees for mileage to commute to project sites
  • When do contractors have to pay for commute time to and between projects
  • The insurance contractors need for their employees’ vehicles
  • Rules that restrict access to employee driver’s license records
  • Minimum wage requirements for piece work
  • Liability for undocumented workers
  • How cell phones, emailing and texting after hours can result in overtime claims
  • What happens when your supervisors don’t know the rules
  • Severance Agreements
  • Employment Arbitration Agreements
  • EPL Insuranc






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Sumner Insurance Services Review

Sumner Insurance Services Bad ReviewDo NOT use Sumner Insurance Services in Upland California!

Sumner Insurance Services Review

They do not cancel policies after receiving a signed written request. They cancel policies they have no authority to cancel. They continue to collect premiums and fees on policies they were suppose to cancel. Their communication with clients is pathetic.

After I found out they didn’t cancel my renters policy in December 2014 when I bought a home and purchased a homeowners policy, I then received a letter (yesterday) stating they cancelled my HO policy (notifying my mortgage company) instead of the auto policy I requested to be cancelled (with a specific, signed faxed letter).

The shear incompetence of this agency is astounding! Collecting premiums and fees on a policy that was supposed to be cancelled 4 months ago is a violation of California law. I will be filing a complaint with the Dept. of Insurance

I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a very nice rep at Allied insurance. She was able to un-do everything this bumbling group of idiots managed to create.

Do yourself a favor, find another agency or deal direct with the insurance company!

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Help Save the USS Ranger CV61

Please help save the USS Ranger CV61.

USS Ranger CV61As some of you may or may not know, I served in the US Navy onboard the USS Ranger CV61 from January 1982 to December 1985. I have many many great memories of my time on this great ship.

Please sign the petition
There is currently an effort to save the ship from the scrap heap. A little background, for many years, a non profit group (put together by some former Rangermen) tried to turn the ship into a museum, they failed. Since then, the ship has been removed from the donation list by the Navy.

There is currently another push to save the Ranger, aka Top Gun of the Pacific, organized by others who had served on her. They contacted the City of Long Beach who is now conducting a feasibility study in the hopes of mooring her there next to the Queen Mary.

Part of the process is to submit a petition to NAVSEA. We’re asking if you could take a moment of your time to sign this petition. Please CLICK HERE.

If you’ve toured the Midway in San Diego or the Hornet in Alameda, you’ll understand the value these ships bring to many people and the communities where they’re moored.

Thank you for helping to save the USS Ranger CV61.

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Website Redesign

I just completed a website redesign!

Our new Home Page is more streamlined and includes direct links to our Complete Study Kits for the most popular contractors license classifications.

I also created a “Classifications” button on the main nav bar so that you can find the license classification you are looking for more easily.

Don’t forget… we offer the LOWEST price for study materials! Hands down! You will not find a lower price anywhere on the study material kits we sell! All of our study kits are under $300!

Spread the word! The License Guru offers the best study materials at the LOWEST prices!

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10 Ways Contractors Are Building With Energy Efficiency in Mind

It is not a secret for anybody in the design and construction industry that buildings alone are responsible for around 40% of the total energy consumed in the US. However, if such buildings (commercial and governmental ones) are empty for most of the year, how do they manage to consume so much energy when nobody is around?

energy efficiencyIn fact, around 70% of the time a building is unattended but still consuming energy is related to holidays, weekends, or off hours. Can you imagine that? Can you justify spending almost 3/4 of your operational costs into something that is empty? I can’t.

If you are in charge of the buildings operational costs, you should know that the three main energy spenders during a building’s off hours are heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, lighting and plugged-in appliances. Combined, they are responsible for up to 75% of the building’s energy usage. If you lease, you also should know there is a great opportunity for you to move to a better, healthier, and more efficient building. The current the economy has created such a tight competition for commercial tenants, where, in order to stand out from the crowd, they have been forced to offer you spaces that are healthier, brighter, and sustainable.

Here are 10 ways contractors are building with energy efficiency in mind:

    1. LEED Building — Thanks to a more competitive economy and the increase of sustainability experts, contractors are having a better understating of the benefits of a green building. The result is a project that is more energy efficient.
    2. Inverting Values –  Instead of embracing the old-fashioned culture of cutting down the costs, contractors are now working with architects and designers to understand how much a building actually needs to be operational, eliminating the waste without compromising the building’s performance.
    3. Funds – With so many incentives available thru federal and local governments to promote green energy usage, building owners are now taking advantage of the extra money to invest in green technology. Consequently, contractors have become aware not only of the incentives but also the benefits of green technology.
    4. Education — More and more, manufacturers are offering workshops, seminars, and professional training to trade professionals in order to educate them on their green products, and how such products can benefit contractors, end users and the environments.

[Read more…]

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The Not So Fine Print | California Construction Law Blog

The Not So Fine Print  By Garret Murai, January 29, 2014

It seems like there’s been a lot of labor law news lately. From the California Labor Commissioner’s crackdown on labor law violations this past year to new labor law-related legislation this year.

And here’s another.In a decision decided last month, the California Court of Appeals for the First District, in Palagin v. Paniagua Construction, Inc., Case No. A137754 December 16, 2013, reversed a trial court which had permitted a contractor to appeal an adverse Labor Commissioner decision without first posting an appeal bond. Tsk, tsk.

Background  The case began when welder Igor Palagin filed a wage claim with the California Labor Commissioner alleging that he was an employee of Paniagua Construction, Inc. “Paniagua Construction” and Alfred Martinez and that they had failed to pay him. On June 20, 2012, the Labor Commissioner issued a decision in favor of Palagin and against Paniagua Construction and Martinez and awarded him $34,259.32. [Read more…]

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