California Contractors License Schools

California Contractors License Schools

California Contractors License Schools – The Myth!

Contractors License Schools Myth Busted

Somewhere in time, it became accepted knowledge that going to a California contractors license school was the way to learn how to pass the CSLB State exam. I think it’s time to end that myth!

Why do people think that going to a school for two days is going to help them pass their CSLB exams? Why would anyone want to take time off work to sit in a classroom to listen to someone (who most likely has zero construction experience) go over a book or binder that the school sent you weeks prior?

Here’s the scenario… you pay the school $500-$700. They send you some 3-ring binders. Usually just the trade, but sometimes the law too. You study those binders for a couple three weeks. Then you take two days off work, or waste a Saturday (away from the family or something else you’d rather be doing) sitting in a room with who knows how many other people who are most likely not taking the same trade test as you. You read the binders some more. Maybe you have questions? Maybe the instructor has a clue about your specific trade, and maybe your questions get answered, and maybe not.

  • Why pay more money than you have to?
  • Why lose money not being on the jobsite?
  • Why spend time away from the home and family?
  • Why not end the myth that is the California Contractors License School!

Save your time and money and use an at-home contractors license exam study material program or kit. They are better prepared, more in-line with the actual CSLB exams, include paper and online practice exams (that you can use on your laptop any time), and include lectures by actual contractors familiar with your specific trade on CDs and DVDs.

I’d rather listen to a contractor who knows my trade on a DVD instead of sitting in some “classroom” listening to a guy who knows nothing about my trade.

I offer the most comprehensive, most complete, most informative contractors license exam study material kit available. Period!

Not only is this kit the most comprehensive, the most complete, and the most informative… it will also have the least impact on your wallet! How can I offer these license exam kits at such a low price? I don’t have the overhead the schools have. I don’t have to pay the salary of some guy who knows nothing about construction to stand in front of you for eight hours. I don’t have to pay for a building. I don’t have to pay staff. My only goal is to give you the opportunity to pass your State exams and keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

For the last 9+ years my mission has only been to help you, not line my pockets. My goal has always been to be a resource, an alternative to the overpriced California contractors license schools who “claim” to be the best, but in-fact are just wanting to make as much money as possible.

So don’t buy into the California contractors license schools myth! Use a better, smarter, more affordable system. Let the License Guru help YOU!


I am a Navy vet and former laborer for a B-Gen Bldg contractor, I built mobile homes for many years, I worked at the Contractors State License Board for 5 yrs, and have been operating a contractors license service company since 2005.

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